Friday, May 30, 2014

HDR Sunsets in Montford and My Thoughts

      Today I went up to Montford Park/Complex to try to get some sunset photos since yesterday it was just too cloudy. I took some photos and then just hung out and watched the sunset. I was thinking about things and I thought to myself, why do things I don't want to do? Now, I don't mean school and such. I'm just talking about things I do to make other people satisfied. Sure, it is always nice to do things for people but sometimes you gotta think about yourself! One example of this is music lessons. I have started to not enjoy going to Jazz Ensemble every Saturday. Not because I am lazy and just don't want to go, but because I don't feel like I'm learning anything and I'm not enjoying myself. The whole reason behind playing music is to have fun, right? Why don't I quit? I feel like if I stop going, my parents will take it as me quitting. I'm not quitting the Trombone! Just Jazz Ensemble. I mean, not everything works out.

     Another reason I want to quit is because I want to start playing the Viola, along with the Trombone which I already have been playing for about five years. Viola lessons cost roughly the same amount of money as Jazz Ensemble and I want to do it more right now. I guess I'll just talk to my parents and hear what they have to say on the matter. Goodnight everyone!

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