Sunday, May 18, 2014

Extraterrestrial Life!... or Cows?

Last night, my grandmother and I went out do do some artwork and photography (you can see her art at Real Life Journals). On our way home we spotted some cows!

     These cows were so happy that I was visiting them! When we drove up, they were silent. I strolled over to the buzzing electric fence and they started howling and running in circles! By the time I got to them, it was almost pitch black so I had to use my flash. The cows would sit there for a while and stare at me and then go back to being psychopaths. I took this picture with flash on while they were staring at me and it lit up their eyes like they were full of 10,000 volt electricity. They look fairly nightmarish.

     This cow really had a thing for me. Would not stop following me around. Every time I touched it's nose, it would howl like it is doing in the picture above. She also looks like she was born in Kentucky and is sucking on a strand of wheat grass.


  1. Really love these photos. I dig cows.

    1. Thanks! Cows are pretty cool, and yummy!