Thursday, May 29, 2014

Baseball Game!

     I don't particularly enjoy baseball, I don't have anything against it either. However, tonight, I was trying to get some pictures of the sunset over at the Montford Complex and it was really cloudy. Now don't get me wrong, clouds can make a sunset spectacular, but these clouds were just completely covering everything and there was nothing to see.

     I first heard the Montford Theater program so I headed over there and sat down in the grass. I took some pictures but there were no good shots so I headed over to the baseball game that was taking place right next door. I walked over there and started taking some shots of the players and I had never taken any action shots before so I didn't know what settings to put on the camera; I got some cool shots, just not any super high quality shots. These are the shots I got:


  1. I enjoy hearing about your search for interesting images. Check out the building project down on Eagle Street downtown. I think you could find some good images there!

  2. Cool, thanks! I'll check it out this weekend.