Friday, May 16, 2014

Bird Feeder

      Today, I got home from school and got out my camera and started tracking down some birds to take pictures of. I got a few good photos but only after I deeply cut my foot, soaked my lens in wet ground, and stained my white shirt with grass. I thought to myself, I really should get a bird feeder. So I did! I got one and attached a rope to it and chucked the rope over a gutter and tied it up. I left it dangling in front of the front porch (I attached it to the roof). Immediately a bird appeared! I used almonds, oats, and blueberries for the bird feed since I didn't have any from the store.


  1. That is a Carolina Wren. Notoriously curious, and jealous...always wants in on what is going on.

    1. Yes, very skiddish too. Hard to get close to them.