Thursday, October 30, 2014

Intense Focus

     This is a photo of Kaylee, she is in my group along with Daisy (in the background). We are working on an English project where we are required to construct an epic poem and create a brief film from it. Kaylee and I make a great team, as she is interested in filming and I am interested in photographing. I took this photo while I was messing with the school's digital media equipment and surprisingly took this picture with a low-end camera. Kaylee at the time was editing and piecing together our clips that we recorded earlier that day, which made her a great model as she was being moderately still.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Even Bugs Can Love

This picture means something to me, with a totally vague representation of what it looks like. Bugs aren't really... a concern to us humans, and I'm not saying that's wrong. For me, the bugs holding on to each other, on to love, represents us as people, trying to hold on to our culture as it is lost. The bugs are very insignificant, and that is the same way that we as people are thought about to many high social class businessmen that run the world. We are just bugs to them, as are actual bugs to us. I'm sure I could find multiple things that this picture represents to me, this was just one that popped into mind when I first saw it. I also just think it's a beautiful photo that shows love in the most profound, and tiny places.