Friday, May 16, 2014

More Rain!

      After taking this picture, I used this dripping water to try to pour it on a leaf that was dripping to get an interesting photo. I couldn't get a picture of the water droplet in mid-air so I decided to go inside. On my way inside, I cut my toe so deeply on a rock that while I was hobbling inside, I created a nice trail of blood on the floor. It still hurts now! I was told by my grandmother (her amazing website is Real Life Journals) that the native americans told the European settlers to not wear shoes while they are outside so that their feet can toughen. I completely agree with this and I also think that if I'm going to pursue this ideology that I should carry some gauze with me at all times. Apparently, Native Americans also used their body's grease to keep them fairly warm during the winter which is why they didn't need to wear big coats when it was cold.

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