Monday, June 2, 2014

Cool Construction Site Downtown

     This weekend, Gram and I went downtown to look at an interesting construction site. They were leaving half of the old building standing but had torn down the rest of it and made it look really quite creepy. It was hard to get a lot of good pictures because there was an inconveniently placed fence in our way, obstructing our views. Luckily I managed to slip through the fence while the worker (there was only one worker on duty that Saturday) and took a few shots before he/she came back. I took three shots of different exposures and combined them in HDR Efex Pro, this is the result.

     Here is Gram's site, go check out her amazing artwork.


  1. Really nice composition, especially in the first one with the rebar echoed in the fuzzed out rebar and again in its shadows. And the color is just bordering on the surreal, nice and creepy.

  2. It reminds me of vivid pastels or those oily pigment crayons...but then you zoom in tight and see its a photo...crazy. I really love the technique. Would love to see what people look like that way.