Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Superman's Heat Vision... or car trails...

     Tonight, my dad and I went around searching for a place to take some pictures of Asheville's skyline (not much of one however). We went up to Town Mountain, around Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd, and almost to the Parkway! We couldn't find a single place that had a clear view of the city from afar. Finally, as we were heading home, I remembered that I had been wanting to try out a new type of photo, light trails! Basically, you go out at night and set a really long shutter speed. Click the shutter right before a car passes by and the camera can't really see much of anything in the pitch black, so the camera doesn't capture the car itself since it is too dark to see, but the camera DOES capture the headlights/brake lights of the car. This makes light trails. I think they look similar to Superman's heat vision! I took a lot of pictures because getting it right is mostly an experimental process... tried a lot of different settings and got a few good ones after about ten minutes of tweaking settings. Still not perfect, but this is what I got; Not too bad for my first try!

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