Monday, June 9, 2014

1960's Gas Mask Ghost Incident

     Alright, before you see this picture, I'm just letting you all know that this picture was edited no more than a few brightness and black and white tweaks. I am not sure how but this picture showed up on my camera but here it is;

     Today, I was thinking of a picture to create because there wasn't much of anything outside that was worth photographing. I had recently acquired a Czechoslovakian World War 2 gas mask with a working filter and all. I thought about making a weird photo so I took this painting that was on the wall and sat it down behind me, put on my mask, and lit some Sage to make a smoky foreground. I also recently got a wireless shutter release so I can now click the shutter and be over 10 feet away from the camera; this reduces blurry (wobbly) photos, and is a great convenience to the photography (me). I was testing it out when I took this picture. It seems like two pictures were merged into one, the way the painting is basically halfway inside me. The outline of the painting is crisp, while the outline of me is also quite apparent. I had been clicking the shutter button quickly and I got up to see the photos while this picture had been taken. I was using a 1 second shutter speed (so slow!) and a f-22 stop. I am not sure if the camera momentarily malfunctioned or if I'm just so ninja that I can instantaneously teleport out of my camera's also-instantaneously sensor.    


  1. Wow. You've got to figure out what happened! Did you get up quickly while the shutter was still open? That's really cool...

  2. if it was still open (shutter) while I moved, there would be a trail of my entire body on the image, it's as if I just randomly disappeared in the middle of the picture.

  3. This is the mask of the Chaos Insurgency!