Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Ultrawide Angle Lens!

Last week I bought myself a Tokina 12-22mm f/4 AF Ultrawide Angle Lens for about $350.00 with the money I got from my internship at Mission Hospital. It is a really hard lens to learn how to use which is why I haven't posted in a while because I wanted to post my next picture as an ultrawide angle picture! It's hard to use because everything in the picture is exaggerated a bunch. The corners of the pictures are pulled out and it is about a 160 degree angle of view. The best pictures are pictures with lines in the framework of the picture like this bridge, or something that you want in the foreground to be exaggerated from the background and seem much bigger than it really is. There aren't many situations where it's a viable lens but it is really fun when you can use it. It won't autofocus because my camera is an older camera without an autofocus motor in it and the lens is newer without an autofocus motor either. The newer lens' have no motors because the newer cameras do. Since my camera is an older version, there isn't an autofocus motor. It works perfectly well with manual focus so I just need to learn how to perfect my usage of that, which shouldn't be too hard. Please excuse my lack of crisp and focused pictures for a few weeks while I get the hang of this new lens!

I took the picture of the bridge and car in the river-arts district in Asheville and the other one at the Battery Park Book Exchange downtown. The Book Exchange one has my grandmother in it, please view her art blog where she posts upwards of everyday at Real Life Journals.

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  1. Amazing bridge and car shots! Now I understand what you were doing and why you chose the locations you did!