Monday, August 4, 2014

Picture At My Mom's New House!

     My mom just started moving into a new house this week! It's a very nice house with a huge yard and a cool trail that goes down behind the yard. Down that trail are two abandoned tractors that are covered with ivy and bugs and stuff. This picture is an HDR photo of the first tractor. The tractor behind this one wasn't as "photogenic". I was standing on top of the other tractor trying to find a different vantage point to shoot at when I saw a tall exhaust pipe sticking out of the top of it. On top of the pipe there was a bucket looking thing on top of it. I was standing inches from it lifting it up to see if there was anything interesting under it when I thought to myself, "hmm... maybe I shouldn't do that". I just had a gut feeling. So I stepped down off the tractor, pick up a brick, and chuck it at the bucket just to make sure nothing is living under it. Sure enough, a big wasp/hornet nest is brewing underneath and they start swarming around and darting back and forth heading towards me so I bolt through the woods and made it safe and sound back to my front yard. 

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