Sunday, August 31, 2014

Bamboo Forest

Apologies for the delayed posts, school just began and it sure is a handful. Definitely an upgrade from freshman year. Now, thankfully, I have a long weekend due to "labor day" to go out and photograph. 

Anyways, Gram and I were out on the Warren Wilson campus trying to get some shots of an old torn down house/barn. Unfortunately, I couldn't get any good shots because there wasn't enough contrast between a small, torn down chimney, and the woods behind it. Fortunately, however, on our way back we came upon a small bamboo forest in a neighbor's backyard and it was great contrast, and I didn't have to stop up too high to get the shutter speed fast enough (about an 8 f-stop). This one is an HDR photo also, and the photo below that is a butterfly (obviously) that I took in a field with my telephoto lens (50-200mm), and the bamboo was taken with my ultra-wide angle lens (12-22mm MF). Gram drew also, so go visit her blog at Real Life Journals


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  1. You have an incredible eye! Love these photos.