Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunset in the Marsh

    I'm not completely sure what type of plant this is but it sure looks cool at sunset. The silhouette really creates a dark and soothing feel to the image, where if the plant had been fully shown with plenty of light, it would look dull and boring. I like this one because each spike on the plant is entirely defined and the whole picture has an orange glow to it. I took this one a few minutes before I took the photo of the mallard.


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  2. I really like that the sharp focused spikes are offset by the shadowy blurry ones right behind and to the right of them.

  3. Jacob this image is so lush and luminous that it makes me want to steal it for my own and translate it into a woodcut. But it would never come close to the glowy apricot perfection you have made of that little pond-edge weed at sunset. Felicitationes! Bravo!