Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sleepy Ducks

    Today, Gram and I went to the riverside trail (opposite side this time) and took some photographs. On our way there, next to the parking lot, there was an enormous flock of wild ducks and canals near the lake. I took some mediocre pictures of them at first, but after we returned to the car at sunset, I got this photo. The sunset was really pretty at the water and I got another shot that I'll post tomorrow so be sure to come back and see it! Anyways, I was pretty grumpy most of the trip because it was so hot and humid outside so to cool off, I jumped into the river and swam around in there for awhile and then, voila, I was in a great mood! That's when I started getting good shots too! However, I did have to change clothes due to le poisson smell to them.


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    1. Cette photo est magnifique! Félicitations! Et oui , l'odeur était poissonneuse !

    2. Merci, vous etre tres gentil!