Saturday, October 24, 2015

Photos from our Cabin in Valbella - Swiss Alps

     A few weeks ago, my host family and I took a weekend trip to our cabin in Valbella, situated in the Swiss Alps. It was a gorgeous cabin with an amazing view right out on our back porch. There was constantly a blanked of fog due to the high altitude, and so every once in a while we would get a really special view of the valley covered in clouds - it resembled a river flowing through the valley in slow motion.

     On one of the days while we were at the cabin, we went on a hike through the mountains and ended up in a rural mountain side with a great view of the alps. We were going to have a picnic, but because of the fog I mentioned earlier, it got too cold and humid to have a picnic. We were literally standing in the middle of a cloud so quite often we weren't able to see a few yards ahead of us! It was really interesting but also a bit creepy especially with all of the cows staring at us...

     The last night we were in the cabin, it was a completely clear night with no clouds or fog whatsoever. Since we were so far away from any kind of large city, there was no cloud pollution which made for great astrophotography weather. The sky was amazing. It made you feel like you could reach out and grab one of the stars - it was incredible. I rushed outside after dinner and I'm fairly satisfied with the photos I got!

Here are my favorite photos from the trip to the cabin:

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  1. Unbelievably beautiful and your photos make me feel like I was there. Especially like the canin under the stars!