Sunday, April 5, 2015

Returning to a Rejuvenated Culture

     Hello! I spent the last week at the beach in Florida for my spring break. It was an exorbitant amount of fun and I took a lot of interesting photographs. The drive is always fun, even though it was a twelve hour drive. We traveled for approximately six hours before resting at a nice hotel in Georgia. After waking to a nice breakfast, we hit the road again with only six more hours to go. Unfortunately, my sister Maya vomited her breakfast out - a mixture of donuts and applesauce! Yum! After arriving, we went to the beach and swam for a while before spending the rest of the night in the pool and hot tub. The following morning, I woke up before the sun peeked over the horizon (6:00 am) and shot the sunrise (7:15 am). The rest of our week was saturated in crazy fun activities such as going to Rapids Water Park and snorkeling at a coral reef. We also visited a nature center where I shot a couple of photos of the creatures that resided there.

     Aside from all of the fun we endured, the interesting part about this vacation was the return home. The culture in Florida is vastly different from the culture where I live, Asheville, NC. Living in a culture causes many people to be blind of their surroundings, as I was. However, when I spent the week engulfed in the Florida culture, it was a kind of reset button on my understanding of where I live and what I live around. Today I spent a good four hours downtown with my friend Haylie. During that time, I observed twice as much as I ever had before I left for Florida. There is now a contrasting culture to compare Asheville to. It stands out, much like what Depth of Field does to a photograph. It is extraordinary.

     Below, you will see my favorite of the photographs that I took during the trip. Tomorrow I will post the other "honorable mentions".

ISO 400 / 90 mm / f.11 / 1/500 sec

ISO 400 / 90 mm / f.10 / 1/200 sec

ISO 500 / 200 mm / f. 5.6 / 1/1600 sec

ISO 400 / 90 mm / f.10 / 1/3200 sec

ISO 100 / 55 mm / f. 5.6 / 1/6 sec

ISO 200 / 55 mm / f. 5.6 / 1/500 sec

ISO 200 / 15 mm / f.22 / HDR


  1. Jacob--tell more about your insights into Asheville culture. That was a great observation that you made. You might like "Patterns of Culture" by Ruth Benedict . A library will have it. It's about that very topic, learning to see your own culture as a culture.