Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hard Work and Flattering Results

     Since I can remember, I have always wondered why anyone would work their butts off, to the point of utter exhaustion, simply to do something like clean up the yard. Well, this weekend I found out why. My parents have always been telling me, "It may be hard work, but you'll be happy you did it!", and I never believed them. I was watching my father work in the back yard and I saw the lawn go from long and nasty to sharp and clean. His face showed his fatigue, but his eyes showed his pride. Sweat dripping down his face and out of breath, but sparkling eyes that reflected the flattering results that he had just produced. He gets the pleasure to know that HE completed that. HE made a change. HE made the back yard a nice place to rest and contemplate thoughts. His mouth is clenched, but if you concentrate enough, you can see the smile hidden underneath his scowl. He exerted hard work and produced flattering results. 

Thank you for letting me use your face, dad!

ISO 400 ... 50mm focal length ... f/11 aperture ... 1/1250 sec shutter speed

Thank you for viewing!

~Jacob Diehn

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