Monday, June 22, 2015

Warren Wilson College Campus Collaborations Continued

In this round of collaborations between Gram and I, we focused on pieces that we have previously created and tried to put them together instead of making something specifically for this project. Gram had a really interesting drawing of the Silo which featured a very dark and moody atmosphere. We thought that the painting would go well with my eerie photo of the cows that I took a while back. We put them together and voila!

In the second image we used a photo of the inside of an old barn that I had previously taken and a drawing of the sheep that lived below. Her drawing matched my photo and so we decided to put that together and see what it would look like and it turned out to not be too bad!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Brilliant Colors and Flourishing Flowers

     Last Sunday, Gram and I were hiking around the Warren Wilson College campus looking for things to photograph when Gram had the idea of going and visiting some old barn buildings. On our way there, we passed through a gorgeous arcade of trees. There were strange idols of some sort - maybe a senior exit project? Either way, Gram spent time drawing that and I photographed the trees.
     On our way back, we saw some flowers and so I decided to photograph those. The three photos below are from that Sunday.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Warren Wilson College and the Beautiful Bull

      On Saturday evening, Gram and I went walking through the Riverside Trail on the Warren Wilson College campus to find some places to photograph and draw. We hiked until we got to a big waterhole with a cool rock with lots of graffiti on it. I ended up taking a panoramic shot of the water which turned out 'eh'. On our way back, however, we came across an enormous bull that was lying in a field right next to the fence. It was gorgeous and hulking its way towards the rest of the cows, but not before taunting us with some minuscule lunges and grunting noises. I took a cool picture of the bull and Gram drew a really cool drawing of the bull. We ended up taking a photo that I took, and a sketch that she made, and combining them into a sort of collaboration. She posted a lot of stuff on her blog from that day as well. Here are the photos that I got on Saturday - I will post ones from Sunday tomorrow!

     The bull had tons of flies on its nose and it was huge. His head was probably the size up my entire upper body.

     First time using the Pano feature of Lightroom - works pretty well! Lots of distortion though.

     Finally, here is the collaboration that I did with my grandmother. She sketched the bull and I took the photograph.