Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grumpy Frog and the River Arts District

I was playing pool Thursday night, and I came upon an enormous toad whom I picked up and placed on the pool table. I got my new macro lens and took some pictures of it before it hopped away. We have tons of toads and frogs that just hang out on our front porch and sidewalk and stuff at night! It's pretty cool. The other picture, Gram and I were at the River Arts District trying to get pictures of trains. We walked down the train tracks until we got to the train parking area. Being a photographer is sketchy business! It's fun though.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


    Yesterday, the 23rd, was my birthday! I had asked for only a macro lens but it was too expensive so I wasn't expecting it. On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday at my dad's house. We went out to Wasabi, had fried cheese cake, went to the Chocolate Lounge and it was great. I got an awesome camera bag which can hold all of my camera equipment and more. It also has a laptop slot, a place to put a tripod, and a waterproof cover to wrap it in if it starts raining. I got a 64GB SD card (which is enormous!), and also a $25.00 Google Play card from my sister.

     Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my mom. We went to Tupelo Honey and had Cookie Cake afterwards. I opened the first present which was a 90mm AF 1:1 Macro f/2.8 lens! I was a little concerned at first because my old camera couldn't autofocus on AF cameras. Luckily, I opened my second present. It was the Nikon D90!! This camera has the autofocus motor in it, so I can now use the macro with autofocus, AND my older ultra-wide angle lens on autofocus! We basically didn't pay for the camera though, because we are going to sell my old camera on Amazon and get a little less than what we got the [refurbished] D90 for. Today I tested the macro and my new camera out for the first time. I just went walking around my yard and I got this picture of a spider hanging from it's web (it was a TINY spider), and my dog's nose. Both shot with my macro.

     I want to thank my Mom and Dad, Jimmy, Hillary, Bob, Gram and Pop, Maya, and last but not least, Callie, for making my birthday so amazing!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Abandoned and Creepy

     Last weekend, gram and I went to the Warren Wilson barn that is very old and spooky. We went inside and took a couple of photos and then left. The next morning we came back to have some more time, and we spent about an hour there. On our way home, we went to an old Tuberculosis Hospital on the VA hospital campus. It was really creepy and I had to sneak past the workers to get this picture.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Beaver Lake Photos

       Today, we went out to try and get some photos of beaver lake while there was still fog lingering on it. Unfortunately, we arrived a little too late and missed it. The sky was full of grey clouds and it was a pretty boring scene. We canoed our way over to a little cave-looking site, completely shrouded in trees and bushes. Inside, there were all kinds of plants and organisms and birds. I didn't get to photograph much but I do feel like I captured the mood of the morning; gloomy and heavy. The first picture especially captures this feeling, but the other two are just some simpleton photos that I took that I like. Other than missing the fog, it was a good day.