Wednesday, September 24, 2014


    Yesterday, the 23rd, was my birthday! I had asked for only a macro lens but it was too expensive so I wasn't expecting it. On Sunday, I celebrated my birthday at my dad's house. We went out to Wasabi, had fried cheese cake, went to the Chocolate Lounge and it was great. I got an awesome camera bag which can hold all of my camera equipment and more. It also has a laptop slot, a place to put a tripod, and a waterproof cover to wrap it in if it starts raining. I got a 64GB SD card (which is enormous!), and also a $25.00 Google Play card from my sister.

     Yesterday, I celebrated my birthday with my mom. We went to Tupelo Honey and had Cookie Cake afterwards. I opened the first present which was a 90mm AF 1:1 Macro f/2.8 lens! I was a little concerned at first because my old camera couldn't autofocus on AF cameras. Luckily, I opened my second present. It was the Nikon D90!! This camera has the autofocus motor in it, so I can now use the macro with autofocus, AND my older ultra-wide angle lens on autofocus! We basically didn't pay for the camera though, because we are going to sell my old camera on Amazon and get a little less than what we got the [refurbished] D90 for. Today I tested the macro and my new camera out for the first time. I just went walking around my yard and I got this picture of a spider hanging from it's web (it was a TINY spider), and my dog's nose. Both shot with my macro.

     I want to thank my Mom and Dad, Jimmy, Hillary, Bob, Gram and Pop, Maya, and last but not least, Callie, for making my birthday so amazing!

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